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Robot History


2024 - Crescendo

Our robot featured an under the bumper intake, effecient amp play and auto-aiming. At Lake Superior, a bumper plywood breaking(!) collision and pathplanner auto being different on practice and actual field were limiting, but the team competed on the 5th place alliance. The team finished strong in Las Vegas and were the 4th place alliance captain. 

2023 - Charged Up

Making our first appearance at the World Championship as well as returning to the MN State Championship, this robot was a blast to operate. Focusing on cubes only, it was one of the only robots in the world to launch from the far side of the charge station allowing us to be a great alliance partner competing in the playoffs in every event we attended. Our team is improving with CAD as well and it viewed in Onshape.

2022 - Rapid React


Thankful to be back in person, this robot took the team all the way to the Minnesota State Robotics Competition event where the team won a Design and Engineering award from Dunwoody. The west coast drive robot shot in the high goal and climbed to the traversal bar in just over 20 seconds. An over the bumper style intake (not pictured) was added after the first event to move us toward 4 ball autonomous capability. Manufacturing of this robot featured our first ever bent 1"x2" aluminum tube and aluminum plates carved from our CNC machine.


2021 - Infinite Recharge (Covid Season)

The 2021 season was not in person, yet the seniors and a few highly motivated younger students put something together for competing. The students had fun with vinyl cutting the fighter jet style shark image as well as using HDPE in the CNC.


2020 - Infinite Recharge

This robot featured a over the bumper intake, winch style bar climb and ability to shoot the high target while against the wall. The team used LED lighting to signal the driver when lined up on target. The ball would spin off the 2 point ceiling and have about a 50% chance of getting into the inner 3 point target.

2019 - Destination Deep Space

The robot consistently climbed to the top platform and was a part of one of the first double climbs(with Green Machine) of the season. It dumped cargo into the lower targets and could also place the frisbee covers there as well. Note the use of smaller CNC to brand our team name on the HDPE dump box.


2018 - Power Up

The team targeted to lower scale and specialized in timely use of the power up buttons.

2017 - Steamworks


This robot had the ability to do almost everything, but only mastered climbing really well. The design was also inspired by elementary student input leading to the Rainbow Dash theme and ample use of rainbow duct tape. Regretfully, filling up the entire robot with fuel did not end up being worth the investment, other than being a fun engineering problem!

2016 - Stronghold


Featuring a 10 wheel modified kitbot, this robot was could handle almost any obstacle. We also figured out how to grab onto the climb with a spring loaded steel sliding hook. In theory and in practice with motor and weight, we could climb. Friction on the rope had other ideas and inspired us to fundraise more to be able to buy new parts and test a little prior to competition!

2015 - Recycle Rush

We loved this game, but that might just be the rookie thrill. After spending 5 weeks trying to get anything to move with the joystick and code, we implemented a 4 bar lift for the crates. We could stack two on top of each other and barely get a garbage can up if needed. Ranking points with coopertition was our friend. We also were the Nerobotics team based on our school NER (Northeast Range).  Somehow, the NERO part did not last as a great source of inspiration which lead us to becoming the Iron Mosquitos.

Other Robots

T-Shirt Cannon
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